Get on and off of any stage.

Getting on and off the stage may seem like an easy task. When the stage is 12" tall or 16' high we can handle on and off of the stage. You can choose handrails or no rails and adjustable or fixed stairs. If you need to be wheel chair assessable we have a solution for that too.


Make your event wheelchair accessible.

Making your event wheel chair accessible is always a valid concern and one that should not be overlooked. We can help to create ADA ramps that fit the necessary requirements and regulations as set by the American’s with Disabilities Act. Many venues may already supply these ramps, but we can build custom ADA ramps for venues or locations that do not currently offer ADA Ramps.


Safe and Secure.

Rental Stages is committed to supplying the safest and newest crowd control including Crash Barricades products such as our new redesigned aluminum barricades. Additionally we offer traditional Bike Rack and French Barricade.


Strength and Safety.

Our modular scaffold system allows the creation of structures to support lighting, sound, stages and video in any environment for many aplications. Give us a call to discuss your stage needs.


Make a statement.

No public speaking event is complete without a podium designed to meet the specific needs of the speakers. In a variety of size, heights, widths and designs, we can provide you with a custom podium that makes a statement without stealing the show from your keynote speaker. Need more than one podium for the occasion? No problem, we can provide as many as you need! Call today for more information.


Make the most of a small stage.

Rolling risers can help to create a deck or low stage for any event. These risers are perfect for black box theater stages or to create an elevated stage area for smaller venues. Rolling risers can also be used to make the most out of a small stage – such as setting up a unique space for a drum set or a piano in a musical performance. We can create custom rolling risers in any shape, size and height to fit the needs of your event and venue. Give us a call today to get started!

Motors and Rigging

Rigging made simple.

Rigging lights sound and video has never been easier. prostars can lift up to 1000 pounds.You will find everything you need on our rental inventory including motor controlers.